Member Spotlight – Marklin Candle & Der Markt at Marklin

Today we’re shining the member spotlight on Marklin Candle and Der Markt at Marklin. Read more about them below, “Like” their Facebook pages, and join us for the Business After Hours at Marklin Candle and Der Markt at Marklin on June 21!

Der Markt at Marklin offers a unique retail experience. Located along the Contoocook River and overlooking the beautiful covered bridge, the store occupies the front of the Marklin Candle factory at 28 Riverside Dr. in Contoocook. Der Markt at Marklin opened its doors in 2008. It now occupies seven rooms that feature a wide variety of merchandise including: housewares, baby items, books, candles, gourmet food items, fresh flower wraps from Sorella Flower Co., jewelry, clothing, handbags as well as the works of many talented artists and artisans.

Thanks to Windhover Farm, visitors are often greeted by Wynken, Blynken and Nod, our three sheep, or by Duncan, Dakota, and Ben, our three Nigerian dwarf goats. We enjoy seeing people take the time to return their greeting.

It is always fun for our staff to introduce customers to the observation hive, to chat about the bees and to guide visitors through a tasting of the local honey varieties; West Hopkinton, East Hopkinton, Warner, Dunbarton and Contoocook. If you are lucky you will catch Martin Marklin, the beekeeper, talking to his “girls”.

As a retail outlet for Marklin Candle, customers can also pick up “The Offcut Candle”. Sold by the pound, these 51% beeswax candles–the offcut of our larger Paschal Candles with their hallmark long wick–have become a staple for many. We also offer our MomentMark candles . . . customized candles for baptisms, weddings, funerals, corporations, graduations and other significant moments in one’s life.

From our wood shop we offer a variety of candle bases and wooden serving platters that bring out the beauty of the gifts of nature.

Der Markt at Marklin has ample parking and is wheelchair accessible.

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